Changes introduces with version 1.2.0
(as of 2021 01 14 version 1.2.0 is not on CRAN yet)


  1. Argument pkg became a vector in groundhog.library(pkg, date), allowing loading/installing many packages in a single library command:
    For example: <- '2021-01-01'
    pkgs <- c('pwr', 'rio', 'metafor')
  2. Fixed bug preventing the groundhog folder path from including spaces.
    For example, this folder will be successfully work as a path in groundhog_1.2.0, but not groundhog_1.1.0
    set.groundhog.folder("c:/my folder")
  3. Added date validation, alerting users when the entered date is not in the accepted yyyy-mm-dd format.
  4. Fixed bug that a warning supposedly shown at most once every 24 hours was being shown every time
  5. Minor typos fixed in messages displayed on console.